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5 Natural Ways To Keep Your House Cool During Summers
by Admin July 23, 2021

5 Natural Ways To Keep Your House Cool During Summers

As summer gets closer and the weather heats up, you’re probably thinking of ways to keep your house cool. There are some amazing ways to keep your home cool naturally while preserving the environment and cutting down on the electricity cost as well. You can create a budget-friendly cool summer paradise and keep your home at a comfortable temperature with these genius tricks.

Allow Ventilation

To allow proper cross ventilation, you should know when to keep the windows open strategically. The best time to do this is from 5 am to 8 am and 8 pm to 10 pm. Mostly, during these times, the air is pleasant and can absorb the heat trapped within your house. As the temperature is relatively low at the night, keep the windows open to make the most of the cool breeze. To keep insects and mosquitoes at bay, you can install insect nets on doors and windows while you enjoy the cool breeze.

Use Natural White Fabric For Furniture

When it comes to bedding, go for linen and cotton upholstery furnishings, as these are breathable fabrics. The light color of the fabric will help retain less heat in your furniture, reflect the light, and absorb less heat. This also helps in keeping the interior of the house stay cooler.

Bring In Some Green  

To keep the indoors cool, plants can be one of the best options to look for. Plants like the areca palm tree, aloe vera, and ferns not only keep your home cool by absorbing the toxins in the air but also look aesthetically pleasing. Place the plants on the east and west sides of the house to block the sun’s rays. You can also keep plants on the balcony as a decorative, and as a great cooler.

Invest in Blackout Curtains and Blinds

As simple as this tip may seem, Blackout curtains block sunlight, naturally insulating the rooms. Utilizing blinds, shades, and curtains lowers indoor temperatures by up to 20 degrees. Also, neutral-colored curtains with white plastic can reduce heat gain and shield your home from the sun’s rays and make your investment worthwhile.

Turn Off Lights When Not in Use  

As we know, light bulbs produce heat, especially radiant ones. If you don’t want to replace them at least minimize their usage. You can also install solar panels or energy-efficient lights to help reduce the cost of electricity.


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