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Emerging Real Estate Trends in 2022
by Admin January 10, 2022

Emerging Real Estate Trends in 2022

After going through the tumultuous two years due to Covid- 19 pandemic, the Indian real estate market has adapted to the change brought and roared back to life in 2022. Every time, the real estate sector has bounced back in record time. No wonder that IT and real estate are witnessing a bull ride despite a lull in the primary industries. IT because digitalization has picked up the pace and real estate as the property prices have diminished, giving the investors a golden opportunity to buy the low across categories­–public and commercial. Around 5% capital value growth for the residential property is expected in the country in 2022.

Here are a few critical factors that will and are shaping the real estate market in the near future in 2022.

  • The pandemic has hit highs and lows. We have witnessed a pattern that rises to its peaks and then subsides in the past. Throughout these turbulent times, the world has learned a lot about coping, mitigating, and quickly recovering from an impending crisis. And the market has resonated the same sentiments. Consequently, buoyancy in the market backed by a surge in demand is inevitable in the real estate industry.

  • The real estate industry in India is slated to grow in the range of 8-9%. These figures might feel a bit dwindling compared to what we have seen in the last decade, yet the demand for more extensive and bigger homes in the primary Indian markets is poised to happen.

  • Many supply and demand-side factors have gradually started putting upward pressure on house prices. As prospective homebuyers look for bigger homes, better amenities and competitive pricing, sales in residential properties will gain further momentum this year. Buyers will be definitely interested in sealing the deals.

  • The positive push for growth is also rooted in the surge in raw materials prices such as cement, steel, bricks, energy, etc. With an incremental increase in the prices of such raw materials, the output is all set to witness a monumental shift in terms of costs.

The pandemic has taught the world the importance of maintaining hygiene and safety yet living a fulfilling community-driven lifestyle. An aspect that only a well-planned, community-driven lifestyle can offer developers.


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