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How To Check Construction Quality of Home
by Admin August 14, 2021

How To Check Construction Quality of Home

Several buyers took ownership of their homes and realized that the quality of construction was not the best and was not secured at the time of the deal. So, it is better to be on the safer side and do a quality check on the house you might be planning to buy or have already bought. Quality checks like leaking pipes, inferior flooring, bumpy plaster on the walls, inferior quality electrical wiring, and imperfect alignment of door and window panels and grilles should be done to ensure that the house you are buying is safe to live in and notice things about the construction quality of a building.

If we talk about developers, it is important that they along with the project teams should receive monthly or quarterly reports on quality issues, carry out quality controls throughout the construction and execution process while constructing buildings. The construction quality can be improved by focusing on getting the job done right from the beginning, creating an environment that removes obstacles to quality and compliance opportunities. The quality control should clarify where the risk lies and ensure that the plans are implemented within an agreed timetable and budget. There are different types of construction machinery needed for a successful operation and it is crucial to inspect all used construction equipment before putting the money down. Prepare a clear and comprehensive professional protocol for your report and analyze data that has not been reviewed so that you have clear diagnostic results.

For buyers, even if the buildings don’t have any visible signs that these need checks, it is crucial to determine the quality of a project, before they buy the new home.

Here is the checklist:

  • Check the quality of the building material

  • Inspect wall thickness

  • Check structural design

  • The wet areas should be checked like the bathroom, kitchen, etc.

  • Check for leakages and patches on walls

  • If a nail does not enter a wall easily that means it's good

  • Quality check fitting and fixtures

  • Check the slopes of floors so water flows into drains

  • Assess the quality of the concrete mix

The building should be built using good quality construction material for its sustainability and protection against damage due to water seepage. Also, be aware of the construction activities taking place nearby as ignoring these signs may weaken your building’s quality and sustainability.


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