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Is Buying a Plot Near Jewar Airport a Good Investment?
by Admin July 7, 2023

Is Buying a Plot Near Jewar Airport a Good Investment?

Everyone wants to invest. But only some understand what separates good investments from bad ones. Investment per se has no value. What makes an investment profitable is being careful with timing and location. Most people believe real estate is bound to appreciate and bring higher returns in the future. This blind belief in the potential of real estate investment is based more on emotions than logic. Real estate can depreciate, too, laying waste to your hard-earned money and resources. However, the development of Jewar Airport has brought to you the best opportunity to invest in plots, commercial and residential spaces around it. Buying properties around Jewar Airport is sure to bring higher returns in the future. This blog highlights the utility of buying plots and other properties around Jewar Airport and explains in detail what makes a good investment.

Jewar Airport and the Promise it Holds

Jewar Airport, also known as Noida International Airport, is a flagship program of the Uttar Pradesh government. The airport is being developed at an estimated cost of 10,500 crore in four phases. The first phase is expected to be complete towards the end of 2024, ensuring the operation of flights. In its initial stage, the airport will handle 12 million passengers annually. Upon completing the fourth construction phase, the airport will have a whopping capacity to handle 70 million passengers annually. The airport, it goes without saying, is set to change the face of the region and turn it into an investment hotspot.

Economic Opportunities: The coming of Jewar International Airport will catalyse massive economic growth in the region. The economic growth will ensure capital appreciation in the adjoining areas, making any investment today full of future potential.

Infrastructure Boom: The airport will be connected with an intricate transportation network such as metro trains, buses, etc. The development of metro lines and road networks will give infrastructure a push, increasing the government's public spending on developing the region. The increased government spending on creating tangible assets around the airport will lead to the price appreciation of properties around Jewar Airport.

A Perfect Destination for Top-Tier Companies: Economic opportunities and world-class infrastructure will incentivize top-rated companies to open their regional offices around the Jewar International Airport. Ease of connectivity, and seamless movement of goods and services, thanks to the airport and other mediums of connectivity, will tilt the companies' decision to set their regional office in favour of the Noida region. Companies like TCS, Infosys, Microsoft, et al. have already declared their intention to come to the Noida region; the presence of these companies will attract professionals from all over the country. These professionals will create demand for different goods and services, such as residential spaces, food, entertainment, recreation, etc., ensuring a thriving business environment. The demand for living spaces will trigger a steep increase in plot and other commercial as well as residential spaces rates.

Points to Remember Before Buying Plots Around Jewar Airport

Property investors must tread carefully lest they wish to jeopardise their investment plans. Planning and strategy are necessary before you invest in plots around Jewar Airport. Planning is to develop a broad idea about your investment plans and what your expectation is. Having a clear idea about your expectation will remove any confusion and give you a roadmap for investment. Strategy is creating ways to achieve competitive outcomes.

Before you invest in plots around Jewar Airport, gather as much information as possible and analyse different offers. Choose an offer that promises investment returns. There are many integrated townships that are being developed around the airport. These integrated townships offer top-notch amenities and world-class facilities, ensuring a one-off living experience. These townships have serene surroundings, ample open space, exclusive kids’ zones, amphitheatres, recreational areas, and many more amenities that make one’s life easy and vibrant. The availability of critical facilities such as hospitals and educational institutions is another crucial parameter to gauge the value of investing in an integrated township. The townships that are developing around Jewar airport have top-class facilities and they are near to important facilities, too. Investing in these townships is a smart move and promises to bring higher investment returns in the future. Before committing investment, you must collect as much information about a property as possible. Here is a list of a few factors that you must take into account before investing in plots or any other properties around the Jewar Airport.

Timely Execution: The Jewar Airport’s first phase of construction is nearing its completion. Investing in properties – plots, shops, and residential spaces around Jewar International Airport is a smart investment choice for investors looking for higher returns on their investments. Investors need to carefully understand the timeline of the project's completion before making investment around Jewar Airport. Notably, as stated above, the construction of the first phase of Jewar Airport is already underway, and 47% of the construction has been completed. The airport is expected to be operational before the deadline of December 2024. Therefore, investing in the regions surrounding the Jewar Airport is profitable, promising to bring higher investment returns in near future.

Legal complexities in Buying Properties: Land acquisition is a complex activity that demands awareness and diligence. Keep yourself up-to-date on the government's rules and regulations. Buy only authorised land and register your purchase following the government's laid down process. Cutting the corner in registering your properties can invite economic loss in the longer run.

The Invisible Hand of Market: Real estate prices in free economies like India are subject to the economic rule of supply and demand. The supply and demand of properties are affected by factors like interest rates, recession, inflation, etc. The world right now is going through a rough economic patch. Though the dark cloud of recession has blown away, the international market has not completely come out of the choppy waters of instability. Any market turmoil will affect India's economy as the Indian market is closely integrated into the international market. However, the good news is that India is the only bright economic market. Different economic projects from the IMF and the World Bank have predicted robust growth for the Indian economy. A few reports have even called the Indian economy the engine of the world's growth. The robust Indian economy firing on all its engines puts all doubts about the Indian economy slowing down to rest. Nevertheless, having a broad picture of the economy and keeping up-to-date on the government's monetary policy will help you make the right decision while buying plots around the airport.

Other Crucial Factors to Keep in Mind Before Buying Plots and Properties Around the Jewar Airport

Distance to the Airport: The closer your properties are to the airport, the better it is. However, proximity is not everything. Other factors you must consider before buying plots around Jewar Airports are (a) amenities, (b) facilities © Future development plans, and connectivity. Let us discuss all the factors in detail:

Amenities: Buying plots around Jewar airport aims to earn higher returns on your investment. Ensure your properties have useful features that attract future buyers and investors. Surrounded by serene surroundings, near recreation zones, etc., are crucial parameters for future price appreciation.

Social Infrastructure: The availability of important social infrastructure, such as educational institutions and medical facilities, is a prerequisite for making a property valuable. Every crucial social infrastructure like schools, colleges, universities, top-tier medical facilities are available in Gaur Yamuna City, ensuring popularity of plots around the Jewar International Airport.

Future Development Plans: Future development plans also affect a property appreciation potential. Occasionally, the regional development authority announces its plan for future development. Gathering relevant information on a property before buying it will help you to save yourself from the blues!

Connectivity: It is one feature whose value can never be overstated. The availability of all-weather roads and other connectivity mediums is crucial in making a property investment worthy.

Look Out For

Potential for Return: The ultimate purpose of buying a plot and properties around Jewar Airport is to earn higher investment returns. Jewar Airport offers excellent potential for capital appreciation in the future. Investors with the right strategy and patience will earn handsome returns on their investments in plots around Jewar Airport.

The airport is expected to be operational by the end of 2024. There is a surety that the operationalization of the airport will bring in people from different parts of the country and the world, too. There will be a need for residential complexes to house the immigrants to the region. The demand for housing is bound to appreciate plot prices in the coming times.

How will Jewar International Airport put a pep in the region's step toward development?

The coming of the Jewar International Airport in the Noida region will trigger the development of other allied infrastructure, ensuring an enabling environment for businesses and unprecedented opportunities for professionals from different parts of the country.

While attending the foundation stone laying ceremony for the airport, the prime minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, declared the Noida region to be "a logistics gateway to north India." The airport will make the movement of people and goods easier, opening opportunities for ease of business and migration of professionals to the region.

Top-tier companies and opportunities galore

The development of Jewar International Airport will put the Noida region on the global map, luring world-class companies to set up their regional offices. The coming of the big companies will create a huge demand for white and blue-collar jobs. The influx of professionals from different parts of the country seeking better opportunities and livelihoods will make the region a hub for commercial activities, ensuring guaranteed capital appreciation.


Investing in real estate around Jewar Airport promises to bring higher returns in the future. The coming airport, being developed in four phases, is expected to turn the Noida region into "a logistics gateway of north India." The emergence of the region as a commercial hub contributes to the rise in plots and other immovable asset prices. The construction of the airport's first phase is in full swing, and it is expected to be complete towards the end of 2024. If a report in the Times of India is to be believed, 47% of construction is already complete. The operationalization of the airport will catalyse investments in the region, bringing in top-tier companies from around the world. The presence of world-class companies in the region will attract professionals from everywhere, leading to a high demand for residential properties. Real estate investment around Jewar Airport is the best decision you can make to earn higher returns on your investments.


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