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MMR's New Home: Vihang Capital of Thane
by Admin May 1, 2024

MMR's New Home: Vihang Capital of Thane

MMR stands for Mumbai Metropolitan Region. What has attracted developers and buyers equally is the wide number of options accessible to them, which range from cheap apartments to luxurious ones. Therefore, Thane City has become a primary target for real estate developers and new home buyers. The social facility, which has a school, a hospital, a shopping mall, and a rest and recreation facility, is also a new infrastructure that developed very quickly. Thus, this has substantially upgraded the lifestyle of both locals and investors in terms of accessibility, ease of using the facilities and advanced lifestyle amenities. Additionally, emerging transportation and infrastructures have saved every traveller’s precious time and made their commute much easier.

Moreover, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), which includes Mumbai’s real estate, as per a survey conducted, recorded over 60,000+ residential property transactions worth 54,000+ crores in the first quarter of 2024. Notably, in the first quarter, Thane took the top spot for residential transactions, selling over 5,000+ units priced at more than 4900 crores.

Furthermore, Wagale Estate, Asia's largest industrial belt, is located near Thane and employs more than 60,000 people. One developer primarily responsible for Thane's extraordinary real estate growth is the Vihang Group. Their most recent residential project, Vihang Capital, also known as Vihang Capital of Thane, located on Ghodbunder Road in the Kasarvadavali region, will drastically change the city's environment.

The Vihang Group was established in 1989 and is a customer-focused business that is always expanding and changing the definition of cheap housing. With its incredible work, the company has contributed incalculably to Thane's real estate market since its founding. The company was founded as a real estate consultancy but has since evolved into a pioneer in the development of real estate. Every endeavour strives to honour life in all of its forms. Our projects are meant to assist you in realizing your dreams—not with bricks and beams, but with "hopes and dreams."

What Makes the Vihang Capital of Thane the Best Property in Thane West?

Elegant 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments with the newest amenities are available at Vihang Capital of Thane. It is located in the Kasarvadavali neighbourhood on Ghodbunder Road. These apartments are evidence of Vihang Group's capacity to innovate, deliver high-quality work, meet deadlines, and prioritize customer needs. This is what truly distinguishes these units:

  • Comfortable living space with French windows.

  • Magnificent master suites.

  • Thoughtfully designed kitchen with clever use of available space.

  • Superior finishing and high-end interior fittings.

  • Perfect design.

An Opening to a Better Future

Numerous projects are being worked on, and with seamless connectivity to Vihang Capital, people will find it easy to commute to all the important centres and destinations. The following are the planned and ongoing projects:

  • Projects Under Consideration

  • The trip will take 15 minutes instead of an hour, thanks to the Borivali-Thane twin tunnel.

  • The trip from Mulund to Gaimukh (Thane West) will take only ten minutes, thanks to the high-speed, six-lane Thane Road.

  • Nearly 30,000 people can be transported by the Kolshet-South Mumbai-Vasai Waterway ferry intracity service, which will cut the trip duration from one hour to forty minutes.

  • In about 10 minutes, the 17-kilometre Central Park Road that connects Bhiwandi and Kolshet (a Thane locality) would be completed.

  • The journey from Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus to Thane will take only 21 minutes instead of an hour, thanks to the Underground Railway Line.

  • The two new bridges over the Thane Creek will improve traffic between Mumbai and Nashik.

Kasarvadavali - Home to Top Luxury Flats in Thane

While Kasarvadavali is one of the best neighbourhoods in the Thane District, Mumbai, it is certainly among the most sought-after localities for home buying. The vicinity, which is one of the best places people want to live in the town now, has recently added new fame among the rest of the city because of the Mumbai Metros 4 and 4A, which will soon be here.

A prevailing concept in the area comprises high-end and mid-range residential real estate projects. The developers of the project have done an excellent job here by strategically situating the development to the north of Koliwada, to the south of Kavesar, to the east of Waghbil and to the west of Haware City. The region is blessed with an abundance of greenery, which has raised Kasarvadavali's liveability index and considerably improved the city's air quality.

Regarding infrastructure, the area has an extensive system of roads, with the Ghodbunder Road serving as the main thoroughfare. Furthermore, Thane railway station, which serves Indian and central suburban railway trains, provides excellent service to the area. The development of this area is projected to receive extra impetus from the proposed metro lines 4 and 4a, which are anticipated to begin operations in 2025.

Although Kasarvadavali's social infrastructure has not yet reached its full potential, the neighbourhood is home to a number of hospitals, schools, and significant bank offices. The commercial centres and entertainment hubs located on Thane City Centre, Hiranandani Estate, and Pokhran Road cater to the leisure and lifestyle demands of the locals. Among the renowned institutions in this area are Parshwanath College of Engineering, Saraswati Vidyalaya High School, and New Horizon Scholar's School. Kevalya Hospital, Vedant Hospital, and Currae Gynaec Centre are important medical facilities in this area.

Thane: A Rapidly Rising Smart City

Thane has been shortlisted by the Smart City Mission. Along with various pedestrian-friendly upgrades like remodelled sidewalks, traffic signs, and street furniture, the mission calls for a number of infrastructure improvements, including storm-water drain upgrades and waterfront development at the portions of Vasai Creek that border Thane, including Kolshet and Waghbil, among others.


If Vihang Capital of Thane is present in the prosperous Kasarvadavali region, then investing in it is an investment in your family's good future. Additionally, Vihang Group will provide you with the assurance that buyers look for when making an investment in residential real estate development because it is a reputable name in Thane's real estate market. In Kasarvadavali, the fast-paced pace of the city slows down, facilitating a closer bond with the natural environment.

The pleasant breeze walks among tall trees, and the aroma of blooming flowers will be your constant friends. Investing in Vihang Capital and Kasarvadavali is a lifestyle choice that goes beyond financial gain. Purchasing real estate here ensures a higher standard of living for you and your family. You can easily get to the natural world, convenience and peace of mind. Investing in this residential refuge is an exceptional financial opportunity since appreciating prices are expected to grow dramatically.


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