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Noida's Next Chapter: Three Projects Shaping Its Future
by Admin June 3, 2023

Noida's Next Chapter: Three Projects Shaping Its Future

At the Global Investors Summit, 2023, Uttar Pradesh walked away with over Rs. 32 lakh crores in investment pipeline, and the Noida region alone accounted for 27 percent of that.

If that is phenomenal, the next few years will be a goldmine for Noida, shaping it into one of India's top investment hubs.

Let's look at the three ongoing developments – the next chapters in Noida's phenomenal growth curve.

1. Jewar International Airport

Jewar International Airport labelled the 'logistics gateway of North India', is expected to turn Noida into the Singapore of UP. The city's strategic location – close to Delhi–makes it a desirable choice for businesses to set up their offices here.

Jewar International Airport

The coming along of what is dubbed 'Asia's largest airport' at Jewar will create a tremendous investment opportunity for foreign investors, leading to massive FDI inflow and other significant advantages as:

  • Employment to more than one lakh people

  • Investments worth 60,000 crore

  • Regional developments that include the 1,440 crores Patanjali Food Park with employment for 20,000 people

  • Proposed 1,000 crores Toy City spread over 100 acres; expected to employ 6,000 people.

  • A Film City spread over 1,000 acres at a proposed budget of 10,000 crores.

  • Massive data centre park coming up close to the airport. Top companies such as Infosys, Microsoft, TCS, HCL, et al. will invest 20,000 crores collectively.

2. Aqua Line Metro Station

Noida's metro network is its lifeline. And that is in for a significant boost. The Aqua Line of the Noida Metro is expanding with eight new stations promising excellent connectivity between Noida and Greater Noida. 

Aqua Line Metro Station

Here is what that means:

  • Dwarka to Greater Noida becomes a single-stop commute.

  • 1 million annual ridership

  • A direct link between Sector 142, 125, 97, 98, 91, and Botanical Garden

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Traffic decongestion

3. Advant Tower Underpass

In its last construction phase, Advanced Tower Underpass will ease off congestion on the Noida Expressway.


Key highlights:

  • Connects Sector 136, 37, 140, 141, 142, and 143 to Sectors 135 and 168

  • Double lane delight: Two lanes on each side

  • Makes connectivity between Delhi and Agra much more accessible than before

  • Built on state-of-the-art 'Box Pushing' technology

On the Highway to Growth

The massive infrastructure developments in and around Noida and Greater Noida are a conducive environment for investments and business growth. The development of a world-class airport, projects such as the Aqua line metro line expansion, and the Advant underpass- along with a multitude of ongoing projects – have placed the region on the highway to growth.

It shall be no surprise if Noida becomes a key driver fuelling the Indian growth story.


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