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Realty Assistant gears up for an eco-friendly Holi celebration
by Admin July 17, 2021

Realty Assistant gears up for an eco-friendly Holi celebration

With the festival of colors approaching, Realty Assistant is planning for another grand celebration but with a different approach. Unlike every year, this year’s Holi celebration is special in many ways as we’re not only celebrating the festival but also celebrating the cause that we believe in and support.

Getting drenched in a rainbow of colors is considered the essence of Holi. However, the use of synthetic and chemical colors puts the health of your loved ones at risk. Over the years, the Holi celebration has changed in light of the water crises in India and the ill effects of harmful chemicals on our skin. This has led us to question the choices we make while choosing the colors, which could cause severe skin allergies or even skin cancer. Hence, the team of Realty Assistant has pledged to opt for safer and better options and some fun ways to celebrate eco-friendly Holi this year.

Our non-governmental organization (NGO) Pararthya that works towards the development of the socially & economically marginalized and differently-abled children is helping us to celebrate Holi in an eco-friendly way. The differently-abled children at our NGO are being trained to make natural and organic colors using flower petals and other such wastes to obtain color pigments, and make natural colors. The method is extremely simple and can be made at home. It’s high time that we understand the importance of organic colors and be aware of the health and environmental issues.

Celebration with a cause is surely going to be an amazing experience for everyone at Realty Assistant. At this festival, we want to spread the message of peace and happiness and urge everyone to play eco-friendly and safe Holi!


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