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Runwal 25-Hour Life - Thane's Best Residence
by Admin April 29, 2024

Runwal 25-Hour Life - Thane's Best Residence

Since its founding in 1978, the mission of the Runwal Group has been to modernise Indian real estate and bring it up to the stature of internationally recognised landmarks. This well-known company offers everything from the best high-street shopping to commercial and residential structures, with three generations of experience to support its convictions. Here is a sneak peek at their achievements so far:

  • More than 42 projects have been completed, while 24 are currently being built.

  • More than 35,000 content families choose the Runwal Group to build their ideal house.

  • With more than 35 prizes and recognitions (Realty Plus Excellence Award - West - 2016, Ultra Luxury Residential Project - 2020, Best Real Estate Company of The Year - 2021, etc.), the company has over 47 years of history as the pioneer in organised retail and residential real estate.

Now, with their newest offering in the Mandapa area of Thane (W) called Runwal 25 Hour Life, they are all prepped to redefine the residential landscape. The deliberate urban planning that has gone into Manpada's development is evident in its well-thought-out layout, robust connectivity, and well-designed roads that significantly enhance the area's quality of life. These factors have contributed to Manpada's rise to prominence as a popular residential area.

The Western Express Highway, which ensures rapid and simple access to significant destinations and is crucial to Mumbai's suburban links, passes through Manpada. The careful urban planning that went into the development of Manpada is directly responsible for the efficient traffic flow on this important artery. The magnificent architecture of the Manpada area was created by the well-known Runwal Group, a real estate developer that has shaped Thane and Mumbai's real estate markets for nearly 50 years. This is one of the features that make the area unique.

Their newest residential property for sale in Thane provides a lifestyle so comprehensive that it will take you 25 hours as a buyer to fully appreciate its opulence and experience ultra-luxury. Runwal 25-Hour Life is the term given to this historic development, which features luxurious residences with over fifty amenities to enhance the quality of life. You may live, work, play, shop, learn, and eat in one place and have a stress-free, laid-back evening after every demanding day. Where weekends wander, and your body and soul can rejuvenate each other. Twenty-one acres combine housing, internet, entertainment, and education. As an alternative, The Real 25-Hour Life.

Best 1,2 & 3 BHK Apartments for Sale at Mandapa in Thane:

A few years ago, Thane, an outlying suburb of the MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) and a growing satellite city, was dubbed "The City of Dreams," and this term has never been more accurate than it is right now. The smart city's growth has not paused as prospective clients and investors from throughout the country continue to stream into it; at present, it is merging and expanding to encompass the other neighbouring towns. Unchecked migration causes every city to undergo a metamorphosis, but Thane's situation is distinct in that housing and business development serve as the main engines of strategic growth, and they are ideally complemented by the quick development of infrastructure for transportation and connectivity.

According to the 2001–2011 census, Thane was deemed a prominent location for the increase in the MMRs (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) population. A sizeable portion of the populace was eager to move to a place with minimal traffic, an uncompromised lifestyle, and, most crucially, low costs. The people moved to a satellite city like Thane, and its limits were expanded due to the mobilising forces listed above. As a result, the prices of luxury flats in Thane have witnessed a rise in the last few years.

Thane, a constantly changing part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), is positioned geographically between the gorgeous Parsik and Yeoor Hills, solidifying its status as a Central Lifestyle District. In addition, Thane's appeal as a place to live is growing as a result of the influx of young professionals and millennials.

Why Buy Home at Runwal 25-Hour Life in Thane?

  • Advantageous Metropolis

    • With the large land area, Runwal Group has been able to establish a mixed-use urban environment that is self-sufficient and encourages holistic living. Furthermore, it is making "Walk to Work" possible on a never-before-seen scale.

  • Amazing Connectivity

    • Thane has good train and road connections to Central Mumbai, the Western Suburbs, and Navi Mumbai.

    • The forthcoming Mumbai Metro-4, a 32-station metro line that will connect Mulund, Ghatkopar, and other important hubs along its route from Wadala Road to Kasarvadavali, Thane, will ensure a safe and comfortable daily commute.

    • The most practical route from the northern regions of Thane will be the Mumbai Metro-5, which would link Thane, Bhiwandi, and Kalyanan.

    • The anticipated Borivali-Thane Tunnel will cut the journey time by half, to only fifteen minutes.

    • The Kalyan-Thane-Vasai-Mumbai-Navi Mumbai areas will be connected by the first-ever intra-city water service, the Kolshet-South Mumbai Vasai Waterway.

    • A six-lane, high-speed Thane road has been planned by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRA). If built, the trip time between Mulund and Gaimukh would be reduced from 1.5 Hour to 10 minutes.

    • There are plans to build two more bridges to improve the route between Mumbai and Nashik. It will significantly cut down on travel time by connecting Bhiwandi-Paygaon, Kharbao, Gaimukh, and Kasarvadavali.

  • A Thriving Infrastructure

    • Thane has become a real estate hotspot in recent years due to the construction of large highways, well-kept flyovers, and other infrastructure improvements.

  • Locality

    • Often referred to as the "City of Lakes," Thane is encircled by the scenic Yeoor Hills and the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

  • Ecosystem

    • In terms of infrastructure, connectivity, livability index, and, most importantly, lifestyle, Thane's ecosystem is superior to Mumbai's.

  • Social Environment

    • The greatest parks, green areas, and recreational routes that promote the well-being of the families that live in Thane may be found there.

  • Improvement

    • Thanks to its excellent accessibility to major business centres, Thane has been transformed into a centre of high-quality residences and lifestyles.

  • A Wealthy Culture

    • A wide variety of cultural manifestations is guaranteed by Thane's diversified population.


Runwal 25 Hour Life, which is situated on an 3,228 square meter plot of land, offers more than fifty expertly designed amenities, including shops, medical facilities, offices, schools, and great dining establishments. These amenities allow you to enjoy being a homeowner. With features like covered walkways, fish ponds, central gardens, terrain landscaping, and flowery tunnels, this residential project will significantly contribute to Thane's growth.


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