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The year 2021 in Review: For Realty Assistant
by Admin January 25, 2022

The year 2021 in Review: For Realty Assistant

As we gear up to enter a new phase in 2022, we are looking back at the year 2021, when we embraced the new normal and changed for the better. The year 2021 was a transitional period for us, a year of significant recovery, new launches, and inclusive client-focused strategies.

2021 was challenging as we witnessed the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, we remained resilient and emerged stronger than before, beating the pandemic blues and scripted growth keeping pace with the new trends and dynamics dominating the real estate market.


  • The way we were doing business changed dramatically, and we embraced digitization in the home buying process, which strengthened our business fundamentals and confidence back in the market.

  • We saw substantial recovery gains owing to the government stimulus and new demands in volumes for residential units.

  • Our resilience and flexibility to adapt to the new market trends also gave us the way for innovation, and we explored new business models, including coworking.

  • Apart from offering the best real estate deals, we are now prepared to provide virtual tours of the property, apartment management services, interior decoration services, digital payment integration, online rent agreement, and so on.

We worked hard to what seemed impossible in the first quarter and continued to use the latest available resources to break free from the confines of conventional business models. Apart from work, to keep the spirit high for our RA family, we celebrated every small achievement with great enthusiasm, be it Republic Day, Women’s Day, Holi, or Birthday parties.

Even when we resumed to work from home, we achieved a revenue of 2.75 Crore in the second quarter. Our NGO Pararthya and HCL Foundation also organized a Cleanliness Drive at Okhla Bird Sanctuary, collected more than 1000kg of waste, and pledged to manage our natural resources sustainably. We were proud and delighted when our Founder and CEO, Ankit Aditya Pradhan, received Greatest Brands & Leaders Asia GCC 20-21 awards, presented by Asia One. We concluded our celebrations with the grandest party of the year during Diwali. We organized a rewards and recognition ceremony to reward all our achievers who contributed enormously towards achieving our sales and marketing goals.

Reviewing the current scenario, brighter prospects are expected for the real estate sector. Thus, creating significant opportunities for us and our clients alike as we look ahead to 2022.


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