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Why is This City NCR’s New Real Estate Magnet
by Admin April 16, 2024

Why is This City NCR’s New Real Estate Magnet

Delhi NCR has been the focal point of tremendous development over the years. Gurgaon, Noida, and Greater Noida are shining examples.

And the latest entry in that league is Ghaziabad!

The city is close to Delhi and Noida and holds the interest of property buyers and real estate investors. Additionally, fast-paced infrastructure development is opening up new avenues here.

Let’s discuss how Ghaziabad can be the next milestone in your investment journey.

Ghaziabad - An Overview

With a total area of 210 sq. km., Ghaziabad is among the largest cities in the national capital region. The river Hindon runs through it, splitting it roughly into west and east zones. On 31 August 1994, Ghaziabad's status was upgraded to a municipal corporation through the 74th Constitution Amendment Act of 1992 And legislation by the State Government.

This split the city into five administrative zones, viz.,

  • City Zone

  • Kavi Nagar Zone

  • Vijay Nagar Zone

  • Mohan Nagar Zone

  • Vasundhara Zone

The city is a rapidly evolving real estate hotspot, thanks to infrastructure upgrades and a proactive Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) that has transformed the city's overall outlook. The GDA is pivotal in ensuring a comprehensive urban governance structure while ensuring sustainable and organised growth in the region.

Ghaziabad Master Plan 2031:

In April 2022, the GDA approved Ghaziabad Master Plan 2031 for Loni and Muradnagar/Modinagar based on a geographic information system (GIS). The master plan is a blueprint for residential, commercial, and industrial land development, and its flagship developments include:

  • Two planned Special Development Areas (SDAs) of Duhai and Guldhar along the Delhi-Meerut Road, spanning 2-4 million square metres, respectively.

  • Seven influence zones along the RRTS (Regional Rapid Transit System) network.

  • Integration of ropeway projects with metro systems to improve Delhi commuter convenience.

  • Establishment of sustainable communities close to high-quality Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) zones.

  • India's first 17 km operational RRTS section, inaugurated in October 2023, promises an ultimate transportation experience.

Ghaziabad: Infrastructure Development

The master plan 2031 is turning out to be a development magic wand, paving the way for elevated regional infrastructure and, in turn, scaling up residential and commercial real estate in Ghaziabad.

Ghaziabad: Upcoming Infrastructure

  • National Highway 24 (NH-24): This 293 km long, 4-6 lane wide highway that passes through Sonauli on the Indo-Nepal border to Saiyad Raja in Uttar Pradesh will be linked to the Delhi-Meerut Expressway. It will be a major transportation driver of goods and logistics between Delhi, Ghaziabad, Meerut to Gorakhpur. The area along Delhi-Ghaziabad on NH-24 is well-known for its top premium housing and commercial projects. Gaur Aero Mall, World Square Mall, and SKA Arcadia are making bright headlines in the Ghaziabad commercial real estate market.

  • Eastern Peripheral Expressway (Kundli–Ghaziabad–Palwal Expressway): This 6-lane wide, 135 km long expressway connects Kundli, Ghaziabad, and Palwal. It facilitates interstate traffic, enhances regional infrastructure, and increases accessibility, thereby pushing residential, commercial, and industrial growth.

  • Ganga Expressway (Upcoming): The proposed 594 km long, six-lane wide Ganga Expressway connecting Ghaziabad to Faridabad, Noida and Gurgaon will give this city a boost for high-valued investments. The improved connectivity has lured prominent developers and investors to fetch considerable profits.

  • Rapid Rail Transit System (RRTS): Ghaziabad is on the Delhi-Meerut RRTS route, which will extend to 16 areas of NCR. India's first operational high-speed RRTS network will cover 92 km in 50 minutes, reducing travel from Delhi to Meerut to under an hour. Commuters from Ghaziabad are in for a great ride, with both Meerut and Delhi in just a matter of minutes on the RRTS.

  • Hindon Airport: The airport operates daily flights from Hindon to Bathinda and Ludhiana by Flybig Airline, while flights to Kishangarh (Ajmer) four days from Friday to Monday by Star Airline. In addition, the newest addition to Adampur, Nanded flight, will be operating from 31st March 2024. This increased connectivity to far destinations will boost tourism and attract high footfall. This development in Ghaziabad has already attracted massive investments from commercial real estate developers.

Real Estate In Ghaziabad:

The city’s real estate landscape is heavily influenced by the above. Led by the Gaurs group, renowned developers are making headway in Ghaziabad. After Gaur Siddhartham, Gaurs Green Avenue, Gaurs Galaxy, and Gaurs Valerio, the group is developing Gaur Airocity, an integrated township with commercial and residential options near Hindon airport.

The project features world-class infrastructure of well-constructed roads, street lights, advanced security systems and open recreation areas. Along with this, it will boast retail outlets, restaurants, and commercial shops for sale in Ghaziabad with immense employment opportunities onboard.

Gaur Airocity in Ghaziabad will be the perfect place to live and shop, ensuring a smooth worklife and family life for all its residents. It will have the following:

  • Gaur Aero Mall: Ghaziabad’s first luxury mall with top brands & businesses. Know more.

  • Passport Studio by Gaurs: Well-designed studio apartments in Ghaziabad for ultimate comfort and convenience.

  • Gaur Aero Heights: 1-bedroom apartments in Ghaziabad under the social housing scheme with modern amenities. Know more.

Additional Developments:

The long-awaited Ajantapuram Township Scheme by the Housing Development Council of Ghaziabad got the green signal.

Under the scheme, the Housing Development Council will create 12 societies on 1.3 million square metres of land near Hindon Airport. It has laid out a plan for setting up schools, colleges, hospitals, and playgrounds, along with improved sewer, road, electricity, and drinking water lines in the city.

The massive footfall from these residential societies will have a huge impact on the region’s overall economic enhancement.

Ready To Invest?

Ghaziabad is NCR’s most prolific industrial centre today. Its growth roadmap is pulling in top developers, creating a surge in residential and commercial projects in Ghaziabad.

First-class infrastructural projects such as the RRTS and expressways greatly enhance connectivity and convenience. With its prospective future and the mix of premium and reasonably priced housing projects, Ghaziabad has become an irresistible destination for homebuyers and investors.

If you're looking for a residential or commercial property for sale in Ghaziabad, we can help you with the right options–contact us and let’s get the ball rolling.


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