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Apartment vs Builder Floor: What's The Better Choice?
by Admin February 19, 2024

Apartment vs Builder Floor: What's The Better Choice?

Residential real estate in India is growing exponentially. In FY23, it recorded a 48% YOY surge, with home sales hitting an all-time high of $42 billion. By 2029, this market is projected to be $687.27 billion.

The demand for residential properties in NCR, Pune, Lucknow and other top micro markets is rapidly increasing, making a perfect home a dream for many.

Another common dilemma for homebuyers is whether to buy an apartment in a gated society or buy an independent builder floor flat. Both offer unique advantages and disadvantages, so this decision has to be spot on.

Read on whether buying an apartment in a society or a builder flat for sale is a better choice for you.

1. Flats Or Apartments

A flat or apartment is a residential property on each floor of a high-rise project or housing society. The number of flats per floor varies, depending on the project scale and development regulations.

Residents here live like a community. They cohabit in a gated society, sharing amenities like swimming pools, gymnasiums, parking spaces, parks and play areas.

Such apartments are increasingly popular in Noida, Gurugram, Lucknow, Pune, Bengaluru and other metropolitan locations for their multiple advantages, such as:

Apartments Advantage:

  • A high number of amenities

  • Greater security

  • RERA compliance

  • Community Culture

2. Builder Floors

An independent builder flat is one whole residential unit on the floor of a residential building. These units are self-contained, i.e. each occupies its floor. These buildings are generally low-rise.

Builder floors offer more space, privacy and freedom to customise. The time required to build these is significantly lower than that of a project with multiple flats, meaning possession time is much lower.

An important consideration is that such developments mostly do not need to comply with RERA since primarily only small, local developers build them. Due diligence is, therefore, a non-negotiable for the buyer.

Home buyers who wish for more space and privacy can consider builder flats when buying a home in India.

Advantages of builder flat:

  • A high degree of customisation is possible.

  • Maintenance costs are way lower than apartments.

  • Offer more space and more value for investment.

  • Offer greater privacy

Apartments vs Builder Floor: The Big Picture:

Whether you buy an apartment or an independent builder flat, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's understand the fundamental differences for better investment planning.



Builder floors


Multiple flats per floor, each occupied by families.

Typically one to two families per floor.


Generally more expensive because the developer charges for amenities like elevators, playing areas, etc.

More affordable as they are not highly amenitised.

Maintenance costs

Maintenance covers shared amenities; hence charges are high!

Low maintenance is limited to upkeep and repairs.

Amenities & Facilities

Swimming pools, gyms, gardens, and community centres are readily available.

There are limited or no amenities like gyms or pools.

Privacy & Space

Typically smaller in size than builder floors. Privacy & space is limited.

As each floor is intended as a single unit, builder floors are larger sized.


Offer little to no degree of structural customisation with largely cosmetic changes possible.

The owner has the flexibility to mould their living space as desired, structurally and aesthetically, offering greater degree of customisation.


Higher appreciation as compared to builder floors.

Slow appreciation.


Typically, big developers develop these bringing them under RERA purview, which is a safety net for buyers.

Unless a big player steps in, builder floors are typically developed by small-scale developers, whereby RERA  does not apply.  Due diligence therefore becomes extremely important.

What is the right choice for you?

At the end of the day, choosing between a builder flat and an apartment is a personal decision that depends largely on your lifestyle, personal preferences, budget, and perspective.

If you are fine shelling out for extra amenities and convenience in return for higher appreciation and secured living, apartments are an automatic choice.

On the other hand, if you desire a space that is low on maintenance and offers higher customisation,  you could definitely consider investing in a builder flat. However, do examine the security options and relatively slow appreciation.

Other important considerations include location, resale value, and your investment perspective.

Home is an investment most buyers only do once. Besides being an emotional milestone, it is also a critical financial decision. If you are looking to buy a home, we can assist you in discovering options that meet your expectations. Feel free to get in touch with us for more!


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