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Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home
by Admin October 27, 2021

Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

It is time we tidy up our homes for a fresh, bright, and festive look. Diwali is all about getting creative, and a little bit of will and smarts is all you need to make your home Diwali-ready.

Let’s begin with Diyas, without which Diwali festivities bear little meaning. A small yet beautiful embellishment, the diya makes any home, no matter how it is designed, to be Diwali-ready in an instant.

With a wide range of Diwali decoration items (diyas included) available online, you can easily turn simple Diwali decor ideas into something stunning. We recommend going assorted by way of a few crystal diyas bundled with an intelligent mix of clay, terracotta, floats, and reflection diyas. Use them in different combinations in your home’s most strategic vantage points, and see the classic diya magic unfold.

Here are a few other Diwali decoration ideas for your home:

  • When decorating for Diwali, don't forget to lay your hands on some pretty toranas, available in all shapes and forms. Leave them hanging around your home and soak up bliss all year round.

  • For a more traditional Diwali decoration, nothing works better than a rangoli done right. Flowers, petals, diyas, and earthen pots –there are options available aplenty to go with a multitude of rangoli patterns. Another traditional decoration option is mandir lights in combination with carnations, flowers, and flashbulbs. 

  • Go creative with mixing and matching DIY candles, floral decor, toran cords, and lights for Ganesha and Laxmi.

  • If you are from the DIY mould, there are a whole range of handmade Diwali decoration ideas out there that can spruce up your home without much effort or spending. LED lights are a good case in point. You can easily create a minimalist Diwali décor using these on windowsills with homemade candles and diyas.

  • Flowers are among the best available decoration items to use. You can do multi-coloured flower festoons interspersed with LED bulb lights to create a simple and elegant decoration. If you are wondering how to make your home Diwali ready quickly, this is a good way forward to do the puja room, main entrance, doorways, windows, and other high-visibility zones.

  • If you wish to go natural, tapestries of marigolds, flowers, and mango leaves are the top ideas we swear by.

  • One of the best Diwali decoration ideas is crystals or white pebbles done in a way that blends with the flavour of Diwali. Floating crystal bowls also work wonders with a few float candles and diyas thrown in.

  • Coloured paper, cord, lights, flowers, tea lights, wine bottles, canning jars, glass, and cotton yarn are some other things that when put to use with prudence can be great Diwali decoration ideas. You could even work with Indian trinkets such as bells, bowls, statues, spoons, and boxes to make your own unique ideas for home decoration.

There is no dearth of ideas for Diwali home decoration. While we handpicked the ones that we find most worthy, you can improvise to make them your own --the best home decor tips for Diwali are born in the heart, after all!


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