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Infrastructural Revolution In Noida and Greater Noida
by Admin July 30, 2022

Infrastructural Revolution In Noida and Greater Noida

Those days are not too far now when Noida and Greater Noida will enjoy the crown of best-in-class connectivity, and rapid transit will become synonymous with these cities. As per the reports, two important projects of Greater Noida- Multimodal Transport Hub and Multimodal Logistics Hub- will be linked to PM Gati Shakti National Master Plan. These two projects will be built near Bodaki. The master plan of these contemporary projects will be uploaded on the portal of Gati Shakti in the coming days. This will make it easier to develop both projects in a better synergy under DMIC-IITGNL. This will amplify the return on investment aspects of the entire Noida region multifold.

IITGNL's Integrated Township, Multimodal Logistics, and Transport Hub in Greater Noida are some of the deliberate and consistent efforts to provide such facilities to the industries of the country, which would equip them with plug-and-play infrastructure. Investors from India and abroad would just be required to set up their system and begin their work. Townships like Noida are being connected to Ports and other parts of India through dedicated freight corridors. For this, a multimodal logistics hub will be set up in Noida. There will be a multimodal transport hub next to it, which will have a state-of-the-art railway terminal along with state and inter-state bus stands. All in all, Noida is on the infrastructural bandwagon, which is bound to make the city outshine its competitors.

This township will also be connected with the Mass Rapid Transit System. Multimodal Transport Hub and Multimodal Logistic Hub projects will give a distinct identity to Public Transport and industrial logistics in the country. A long dedicated railway line will also be built from New Dadri to the Logistic Hub. The land acquisition work is in its last stage of completion for this ambitious infrastructural project. Tenders for the construction will be issued as soon as the land is transferred in the name of IITGNL. It will take two years to prepare the railway line on a PPP model. The successful completion of this ambitious project will also speed up the import-export trade, resulting in an improvement in ‘ease of doing business ranking’.

Considering the needs and requirements of the industries of Noida, Greater Noida, and Yamuna Authority, this project is very important. The transit time for goods to reach Mumbai, Gujarat, Kolkata, etc is a couple of days. After the successful completion of this ambitious project, the goods will be able to reach any corner of the country in one and a half days. The project, as per the official documents, is set to see the light of the day in three years. This will result in a major eastern railway transit station in the coming days.  Noida residents will not have to go to Delhi to catch express trains. These three facilities of transport (railway station, bus stand, and metro station) are being made more accessible for the passengers, resulting in more fluid connectivity for the residents of Noida.

Six big companies have shown interest in setting up their plants in this township. These include:

  • Haier Electronics

  • Formi Mobiles

  • Satkriti Infotainment

  • Chenfeng (LED company)

  • J World Electronics

  • Guru Amardas International

These companies have huge investment plans that go beyond Rs 4000 crore in aggregate terms. This investment by these companies is set to boost the economic prospects of Noida.

With the completion of these ambitious projects, Noida will witness an even higher footfall of business-minded individuals, which would further boost various industries in Noida. The real estate industry in Noida, for example, will become the front runner in this economic growth saga. Prices of properties- both commercial and residential-, as per experts, are bound to skyrocket in the coming days, making it a highly conducive time to invest in Noida real estate.


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