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Top 5 Design Elements for a Happy Home
by Admin December 4, 2021

Top 5 Design Elements for a Happy Home

Although designing a happy home is very personal, you would be surprised to know the kind of impact our interiors have on our well-being and the way we feel. Considering the amount of time we spend at our home, which is our favourite place to rest, work, and enjoy, it’s imperative to consider how we design our living spaces that can influence our everyday mood. There is an emotional bond between a person and a place- people bond with their homes & the way they bond with their friends or family also speaks a lot. Add some design elements for a happy home to enhance your well-being.

From subtle colour combinations to squeaky floorboards, here are the five interior design elements associated with happy homes.

Calm, Cozy Atmosphere

We escape to our comfortable place called home at the end of a busy day, where we unwind and enjoy the "me time" to avoid the hectic woes of life. A well-designed home makes us feel happy and calm and sometimes energises us as well. Thus, to make the home tranquil, decorate the home using soft elements like plush pillows and fuzzy blankets. Choose colours that invite you to relax and make you feel comfortable.


Purple and Yellow Color Schemes

It is very common that people majorly use blue colour for decorating the space; however, the new trend is opting for purple and yellow hues as it generally has more positive associations with home. The colour invokes happiness and gives you a sense of control and safety within your comfort zone. Avoid using more of a red or brown colour scheme as it is unlikely to make you happy. If you already have brown walls, try repainting them in a pale lilac shade or swap out red accents, adding more sunny yellow accessories to make the place more cheerful.

Destination-Inspired Decorating Styles

Have you ever thought of decorating your home by copying your favourite vacation spot?  For example, a remote cabin retreat or a luxurious villa on the beachside. As per one of the surveys several people prefer and draw inspiration from the exotic destinations that they have travelled across.

The definition of feeling happy at home could also be about replicating the charms of rural homes or a specific locale. Designing rustic homes is one of the newest trends that make people happy. Other good options for destination-inspired designs include Mediterranean and mountain styles. However, it also depends on personal taste when it comes to boosting happiness.

Organizing Solutions & Minimalist Décor

Overuse of furnishings can add stress to your life. Thus, make sure to keep things organised to create a simple and uncluttered space. The organisation is a key component of happy homes. Try to prioritise neatness by incorporating a lot of closed storage, such as lidded boxes and furniture with cabinet doors, that helps you to disguise clutter and makes you feel happy at home.

A well-decorated Living Room

According to the survey, people feel happiest when they unwind in their living space. So, designing and decorating a living space that offers a relaxed and content feeling will give you happiness. Add items that make you happy, such as family photos, books, or souvenirs from travels. Try to arrange the furniture in a manner which facilitates your preferred activity, be it lounging in front of the TV, playing board games with family or entertaining guests.



Just following the latest trends doesn't necessarily bring you happiness; the interior of your home must reflect your story and the people living in it. You can design a happy home with things you love, else it's never really complete.


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