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Watch Out For Bhutani Avenue 133
by Admin May 15, 2024

Watch Out For Bhutani Avenue 133

Sector 133, a small market near the Noida highway, provides access to a thriving and swiftly developing area. On the other hand, the retail industries are undergoing a significant global metamorphosis that may lead to the creation of a new retail universe. The traditional concept of a shopping centre is out of date and will eventually disappear, making way for a cutting-edge retail environment that will create new chances for socialising, entertainment, and other activities in addition to providing options for purchasing tangible goods. The projects that are developed offer a chance to enduringly connect and involve enthusiastic, energetic individuals.

Expressway’s Shining Retail Star:

A wonderful mix of residential and business structures can be found in Sector 133, an area that is rapidly expanding. This region is mostly made up of high-rise structures, although it also has good access to the DND and Mayur Vihar flyovers as well as the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. It only takes ten to fifteen minutes to reach places like supermarkets, hospitals, banks, and schools. Apart from housing a number of important IT/ITES/KPO companies, Sector 133 is well connected to other well-known Noida offices, including Sectors 126, 127, 132, 135, and 142. Furthermore, the upcoming building of the Noida International Airport will result in a massive rise in investment in Jewar.

Bhutani Avenue 133: Top Commercial Space on Noida Expressway

Particularly in the commercial real estate sector, the Bhutani Group has the advantage when it comes to building a number of high-end residential real estate projects and shops for sale on the Noida Expressway. The commercial landscape of the city will take on a new avenue with the future commercial property in Noida named Bhutani Avenue in Sector 133, Noida, transforming it into its true shape. Let's quickly go over the three main benefits of Bhutani 133, which is an investment opportunity.

  • Huge Land Parcel: The retail centre will span three stories and have a ground floor with shops, a first-floor boutique, and a second floor with a contemporary food court. Its gross area is 34,500 square meters.

  • High-end Clubhouse: Designed to enhance your lifestyle, it embraces the curved shapes and forms of nature.

  • Enclosed parking: guarantees your car's security at all times

  • Zero Traffic Zone: This 30-degree wide outdoor area faces the ground floor stores and is designed to keep cars out of the way.

  • Fountains and sculptures are located in the mall's atrium.

  • Tactical Visibility: From the internal courtyard and the freeway, 99 per cent of the shops are visible.

  • Superb Connectivity: Fast elevators and sturdy escalators guarantee that customers may navigate the mall with ease.

  • Direct Access To The Club: You can get to the clubhouse with ease thanks to the high-speed elevator.

  • Beautifully Designed Courtyard: The lower ground floor's outdoor courtyard has a waterfall that was modelled after Changi Airport in Singapore.

  • Modern eateries with designated indoor and outdoor seating areas are located on the top floor and are referred to as Upraised Restaurants.

The Bhutani Group has also made sure that sustainable development principles are used in this upscale shopping centre to provide an eco-friendly atmosphere for visitors:

  • Water Storage

  • Waste Management

  • Rainwater Harvesting

Retailers now place more emphasis on meeting the requirements of specific consumers than on markets. Bhutani Avenue 133 is meant to satisfy the demands of cinema buffs, foodies, retailers, gamers, and kids. Let's examine the excellent features that this commercial property in Sector 133, Noida, has to offer:

  • Culinary World: This mall has a wide variety of dining alternatives to suit any budget, including cosy cafés, trendy lounges, ultra-modern clubs, and outdoor terrace restaurants. These dining spots also provide breathtaking views of the Noida skyline.

  • Bolt Gaming Zone: Shopping and entertainment go hand in hand, and guests may enjoy a unique fusion of indoor sports, virtual reality parks, and bowling alleys at this location, making it a top gaming zone in Sector 133, Noida.

  • Glam Avenue: With a nail salon, spa, makeup store, and unisex salon, as well as access to the newest beauty items, one can satisfy all of their desires for relaxation and beauty here.

  • Unmatched retail Experience: From home sports products to home electronics products to the newest technology, Avenue 133's retail area has everything you could possibly need. Before making a purchase, a variety of products are available for trial.

  • CP133: This area on Avenue 133 features upscale boutiques, interior design shops, handicrafts, customized gifts, accessories, and health and beauty items. It is inspired by Bihar's rich cultural legacy.

  • Baker's Avenue: If you have a sweet appetite, Baker's Avenue is the place to go for real, top-notch gourmet cuisine.

  • Hyper133: If you're searching for regular necessities, Hyper133 has everything you need, making it the best commercial property near Noida Expressway.

  • Wellness Retreat: Unwind with yoga classes, revitalising facials, and massages to soothe your senses.

  • Kiddipedia: A children's area with a focus, Kiddipedia will provide a variety of goods, including stationery, kids' clothes, gifts, salon services, and more.

  • Multiplex: At Avenue 133's top-notch multiplex, treat yourself to a movie-watching experience unlike any other.

Why Investing in Bhutani Avenue’s Shops for Sale Near the Noida a Smart Move?

Given Avenue 133's excellent strategic location and its status as an upcoming premier commercial hub, let's examine some of the salient features that make this industry a great place to buy retail spaces in Bhutani 133 on Noida Expressway:

  • The first mixed-use retail development in India was modelled after Changi Airport in Singapore.

  • Under construction in the quickly growing neighbourhood of Noida.

  • Situated close to important residential and educational centres.

  • Schools nearby will increase traffic to the exclusive gaming area.

  • Created by Bhutani Infra, the top developer in the NCR.


By 2028, this eagerly anticipated commercial development will welcome guests, presenting Sector 133's expanding environment with enormous growth potential. Additionally, there will be a significant population influx at other significant upcoming developments, like Film City and Noida International Airport at Jewar Noida, which will increase job opportunities and solidify Noida's ranking as one of the best cities in the world, as well as India. Bhutani Avenue 133, in that sense, is the best commercial property for sale on the Noida Expressway.


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