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Why Pune is one of the top cities to settle in India
by Admin July 30, 2021

Why Pune is one of the top cities to settle in India

Nestled in the middle of the Sahyadri Hills, Pune is the second biggest city in the western Indian state of Maharashtra with around 4.5 million population. The city is a growing industrial and urban hub, featuring a distinct character of its own in the making. For over 10 years, the city has developed dramatically, boosting a growing cosmopolitan culture and strong public and private infrastructure. Apart from opportunities and development, Pune essentially has everything in just the right amount, making it one of the best cities to live in India.

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why Pune city stands apart from the rest, enjoying the status of desirable cities to live in and holding the position of 2nd best city in India as per Ease of Living Index 2020.

An Ever-Booming IT Hub

Living in an economically growing city is essential if we look at the rising working professionals in almost every domain. Pune city is home to numerous companies, MNC’s, IT global brands, and firms that make it the best city for experts to reside in. With the learning culture so rich, Pune offers both beginners and specialists some wonderful opportunities to learn and grow.

Great Infrastructure

The city’s great public infrastructure, which includes roads and railways, and other well-functioning utilities like water supply and drainage is a huge uptick for people looking to live in a community that caters to their basic infra needs. Complementing this, there are many big private investments in the form of big malls and multiplexes along with open public spaces like parks, gardens on traffic islands, and robust sporting infrastructure

Tranquil Living Spaces

Regardless of the immense growth that Pune has seen over the last 10 years, when we talk about real estate, it is seen that a little has affected the lifestyle of the residents. You will find comparatively lower property and rental rates. Many new builder flats Yashwin Society & VJ Sure Studios by Vilas Javdekar, Vanaha by Shapoorji are available at reasonable prices, which makes it is easier to live a comfortable life, unlike other cities where the rates are sky-high.

Pleasant Weather

All year round, Pune boasts a very pleasant climate, which is referred to as Deccan Odyssey. In summers, the temperature is a little high in the daytime however, evenings and nights are always breezy and cool. If you’re keen on exploring the nearby places, graceful monsoon is the best time to do so. The whole city looks serene and beautiful, covered in green, while the roads are clean, and the climate is cool.


Pune surely holds the highest regard concerning culture, festivals, and traditions. The city is close to hill stations, beaches, forts, and more. All these attractions are so close, you can plan a trip to these fabulous places every weekend. The scenic beaches near Pune can also be a perfect weekend getaway, picnic spots, monsoon getaways, and a great honeymoon destination. This gives Pune an edge over metro cities in India like Delhi and Bengaluru.

Overall, Pune truly has the charm to entice everyone. If you want to learn, study, work, live, and enjoy, Pune is a resourceful and safer city to opt for.


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