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Achiever's Success Story

Achiever's Success Story
July 28, 2021

Having started the journey from the grassroots level he reached the threshold with the help of his analytical approach and expertise gained through experience in the real estate domain. Though currently in his early thirties, Mr Pradhan has an overwhelming experience of 17 years as he ventured into the journey at the early age of 16, successfully striking his first deal during school.

With strong will power and perseverance, he established his excellence as a realtor during his teen years only. As a result, even during the B.Tech years, he pursued his passion as an entrepreneur.

Having acquired the revenue he went on to Invest in innovative ventures as Electronics Wala, Fruit Wala, Farm shop, Investment quotient, and more under the banner of Viraj Ventures. But lacking the knack of the industry intricacies ensued into a failed venture.

This had a paradoxical effect, helping him to develop management skills from the failures. Soon he was stricken by the realization that patience would lead the path to acquiring skills. But the failures could not deter his resolve to become an entrepreneur and with his tireless approach, he diversified his experience in fields ranging from consulting, information technology, digital marketing, real estate development, infrastructure, real estate investment fund, wealth management, and F & B.

His stint in BOP Private Ltd, a leading real estate company, enhanced his corporate endeavours. Owing to his understanding and risk undertaking manoeuvre he rose to the position of Executive Director.

Moving ahead in career, having bid adieu to BOP in 2017 he started his real estate brokerage firm. And in 2019 he came up with a new business vertical named Realty Assistant- A complete real estate service provider.

Realty Assistant was conceptualized to go beyond the traditional realm of sales and purchase brokerage services that provided end-to-end property management services that were missing in the real estate market of India.

Mr Pradhan was vigilant enough to perceive the rising concern of the customers demanding experiential services.Deal in real estate required thorough scrutiny followed by counseling in final decision making.