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Keep it real

Keep it real
July 28, 2021

Understanding the industry is one part of the process, in the path ahead it is important to keep in mind that things are better said than done. As the industry is ruled by immense competition, those with little or no investment may be very sceptical to carry things forward.
Here one’s wisdom will be instrumental in forming the stepping stone of the career. Irrespective of the knowledge and in-depth analysis, the first deals are never perfect. Instead of fearing the outcome, one should go ahead and act because things learnt by own mistake contributes to a lifetime lesson.
The interaction will build the confidence, give exposure of handling real time situation. Remember practical experience is the ultimate outcome of years of theoretical knowledge acquired. Hence, rather than waiting for the right time or opportunity, be shrewd and take things into your hands.
With proper utilisation of technology accompanied with strong communication, the industry can realise its hidden potential. While matching up with the latest market trends, technology can add a whole new dimension to the prospect of career.
The confluence of the traditional skills with the rapidly changing technology will fetch numerous booming channels suitable for considering the sector as a serious option for starting the business.
Where modernisation owing to digitisation has smoothly seeped into our lives, likewise real estate is also undergoing transaction. By studying the minute intricacies of the industry and keeping a tab on the lifestyle trends, meaningful insights will be generated that will leverage the journey of career in the real estate sector.
Evolving with time further contributes to the diversification generating employment opportunities for various roles entailing project management, operational strategizing, space optimisation, sales and marketing, construction, etc.
Owing to this shift experiential spaces are gaining popularity amongst the customers. This has opened up opportunities for the skilled aspirants brimming with creative ideas to venture in real estate.
With the rapid change in housing and commercial needs, the prospects of co-working and co-living spaces have seen a promising wave. In 2019, real estate attracted an investment of around `43,780 crore equivalent to US $ 6.26 billion where housing sales reached 2.61 units across seven major cities.
Delving on the statistics, the industry has great potential for the emerging startups as residential and commercial units together can form the integral part of future real-estate. Contributing as the second highest employment generators it is home to skilled, capable and experienced professionals who are continually updated and can make predictions of the future market.
Looking at the immense potential and scope the industry can offer, formal education in real estate should be taken seriously by those aspiring to make future in this filed. Read books, article, stay updated with the top policies and trends, take classes, explore as many properties as possible to get real life feel of the market, in order to thrive in the industry.
Therefore, before coming to a conclusion, in depth research of the industry will aid in making a wise decision. Incorporating the right strategy aligning with the competitive market trends can open up plethora of opportunities to take leverage of.
Myths like real estate being a legacy business, a sector that has no space for introverts, only brokers stand the chance of profitability, will be evaded once studied the industry closely.
From project engineers to architects, facility managers to corporate communication specialists, regional managers, designers, real estate offers wide range of diverse openings.