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10 Reasons Why Gaur Yamuna City Is A Successful Investment Opportunity
by Admin July 4, 2023

10 Reasons Why Gaur Yamuna City Is A Successful Investment Opportunity

Who wants to avoid investing their money in a profitable option where they can get high returns, right? As there are different investment opportunities in the market, choosing the right one and having proper knowledge about them is important.

Thus, let's find out what makes Gaur Yamuna City a profitable and best investment opportunity for you in the long run.

About GYC township: A trending place in Greater Noida

  • Greater Noida is one of the trending locations in NCR, which is getting popular for its investment options at prime locations.

  • Since the development of the Yamuna Expressway in Greater Noida, many people have found it easy to travel to areas like Mathura, Agra, Lucknow, and Kanpur.

  • At the Yamuna Expressway, you will find a vast township spread over thousands of sq. meters, i.e., Gaur Yamuna City.

  • The project is brought by Gaursons India, which believes in giving a profitable return to investors at a reasonable price.

  • As Gaursons India is a trusted builder in India, it is a profitable decision for investors looking forward to investing in the affordable and best real estate properties in the Greater Noida region.

Therefore, let's find out the top reasons which make it a better property investment for customers and see how it is becoming the Next Big Thing in Real Estate in Noida.

Gaur Yamuna City

10 reasons why GYC Greater Noida is a successful investment option

  • Well-Established Location

The township is situated at Yamuna Expressway, where many established properties and upcoming projects are found.

The location of any real estate plays an important role. If the location is good, it helps attract more investors, resulting in future property appreciation.

Near the Yamuna Expressway, you can find many industrial and commercial properties, which make Gaur Yamuna City a flawless choice for investors. Areas that Yamuna Expressway covers from Greater Noida:

  • Agra

  • Aligarh

  • Mathura

  • Close to Noida International Airport and the township

  • Infrastructure expansion and growth

Since the UP government is working on numerous initiatives, the area near the township is expanding and growing its infrastructure.

Projects like:

  • Jewar Airport,

  • Toy City,

  • Film City,

  • Mono Rail project

  • ISBT, and many more.

Each property in Gaur Yamuna City will significantly increase in value once these infrastructure developments are finished.

  • Security and Surveillance

The township provides round-the-clock security surveillance to ensure the safety of the residents.

There are CCTV cameras, security personnel, and other necessary things that are required for the safety purpose of the people.

  • Better Rental Yield

The project offers investors better rental return options than other regional properties, resulting in beneficial decisions for investors.

The Gaur Yamuna City homes are a wise choice if you wish to invest in real estate for rental income. Investors can rent properties at high prices as the demand for residential apartments increases.

  • Affordable Investment options

In the township, you can access affordable investment opportunities like studio apartments, luxury villas, commercial plots, and properties.

Despite being in a prime location, the project offers every property at a reasonable price, which helps get high returns in the future.

Most infrastructure projects are still in the planning stages, so this is the ideal time for investors to purchase properties and plots at bargain prices. Properties available in Gaur Yamuna City are:

Residential Property and Plots

Commercial Property and Plots

Gaur Krishn Vilas

Gaur Aero Suites

Gaurs Runway Suites

Gaur Aerocity

Gaur Victoria Villas

The Hub at Runway Suites

Gaur Aero Villas

7th Parkview residential plot

You can check out more information about all the properties in the township in the property section.

  • Appropriate Connectivity Routes

It is located at Yamuna Expressway, which offers the best connectivity routes to different areas like Delhi, UP, and parts of NCR, like sectors of Noida and Greater Noida.

Due to the reduced distance, this connectivity aids in time and energy savings for the individual. The UP government also proposes introducing the MonoRail and ISBT projects, which help connect the area with other cities.

It ensures the smooth travel of people as they don't have to rely on other areas for transportation.


Time Reduction

Greater Noida to Agra

1 hour 40 minutes (Approx.)

Greater Noida to Mathura

1 hour (Approx.)

  • Peaceful Environment and scenic view

Check out the Parkview plots and properties in Gaur Yamuna City if you prefer to live near nature, where you can take in the positivity of the morning and sunrise.

The township has enough space for landscape areas like:

  • Parks

  • Garden

  • Green Space

  • The pedestrian track between the parks for jogging and walk

  • Commercial development near the township

Near the township, many commercial properties establish their offices at the Yamuna Expressway.

As the area is well-connected to different regions, it is beneficial for commercial investors to set up their offices and plants near the expressway.

Many established companies plan to open their offices near the Gaur Yamuna City like:

  • Infosys,

  • Vivo,

  • Patanjali and many more.

  • Developer's Trust and Track record

Gaursons India is a trusted builder in India which got a successful track record of offering profitable investment opportunities to investors at the best prices. Therefore, the credibility and goodwill of the developer in the market are positive, which results in more customer attraction.

  • High Return on Investment

If you decide to invest in Gaur Yamuna City, you can enjoy high returns in the future. It is because of the development of Infrastructure, well-established connectivity with other areas, the introduction of new projects, and many more.

The amenities also play an important role in increasing the returns as the township offers world-class amenities and facilities which improve the resident's lifestyle and social status.

Some of the best services that you can get in the township are:

Fitness and training centre


Swimming pools


Security and surveillance

Community halls

Firefighting Equipment

Sports activity areas

Profitable investment opportunity or not

By checking out the above points and about the township, it is clear that Gaur Yamuna City is a profitable investment option that offers high returns at affordable capital investment.


You can look at the property section to know the facts related to any particular project in the township which seems beneficial for you. The township is one of the best investment options in Greater Noida, with perfect connectivity and amenities. Investing in the properties in the township would be a great decision.


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