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Gaur Yamuna City: The Next Great Thing in Real Estate
by Admin July 1, 2023

Gaur Yamuna City: The Next Great Thing in Real Estate

Gaur Yamuna City township is getting the desired recognition as people are interested in the intriguing township in Greater Noida. The project is spread over a vast area where you can find different residential and commercial properties for investment, residential purposes, or business establishment.

Do you want to know more about the township at the Yamuna Expressway? Let's check out every detail related to Gaur Yamuna City, including its location benefits, investment opportunities, and many more, which are crucial from every investor's point of view.

About the Township

Spread in a vast area with the best amenities and facilities at a prime location, Gaur Yamuna City is a perfect option to invest your money in real estate and get the best returns in the future. The Gaursons India develops the township at Yamuna Expressway to provide an opportunity for investors to get an affordable investment option.

The township has different housing societies and commercial properties, which got the potential to give high returns to the investors. The ROI depends on location, infrastructure, and other factors, so the township got everything required for value appreciation.

To briefly learn about the GYC Greater Noida and what makes it a successful investment opportunity, visit here.

Let's briefly check out the project highlights to learn about Gaur Yamuna City.

  • Located at Yamuna Expressway

  • Offers world-class amenities and facilities

  • Developed by one of the trusted builders in India, i.e., Gaursons India.

  • Well-connected to other areas of Delhi, NCR, and UP.

  • Compatible for property appreciation due to developing infrastructure and evolving neighbourhood.

  • Close to the Jewar Airport, Noida International Airport, Film City, and Toy City.

  • Many established companies have invested close to the GYC township, like Infosys, Patanjali, Vivo, and others.

What are the benefits of investing in the township?

No one likes to invest in a property where they couldn't get any profit or benefit. Therefore, let's discover all the advantages you can enjoy after choosing Gaur Yamuna City at Yamuna Expressway.

  • Location and Connectivity advantage

The township's major advantage over other properties is location benefits. The property is established at Yamuna Expressway, which is a 6-lane expressway and stretches around 165km away. The project is in a perfect place where residents can access the upcoming Jewar Airport along with Mathura, Agra, Kanpur, and Lucknow.

The expressway is designed in such a way that it connects the parts of Noida, Greater Noida, and Delhi. Other highways, flyovers, and intersection points helped divert the route to different areas and eliminate the long hours and rushed traffic.

  • Intriguing Infrastructure Development

At Gaur Yamuna City, different infrastructure projects are ongoing or on the verge of completing their first phase. One of the most attractive infrastructure projects near Gaur Yamuna City is Jewar Airport.

The Noida International Airport is an upcoming international airport located in Greater Noida. With the completion of the airport, the properties located close to it will get the necessary benefit regarding monetary value and customer attraction.

Other infrastructure projects are under development and beneficial for investors, like the Film City and the proposed Mono Rail project by the UP government.

  • Affordable residential and commercial property

Gaur Yamuna City offers different commercial and residential property options at the best prices. Apart from the properties, there are residential and commercial plot options if you like to invest in the land.

These properties will result in better ROI because of the high chance of property appreciation. Therefore, it's a perfect opportunity for investors who want to invest in a reasonable property and enjoy high returns in the future.

From luxurious villas to affordable studio apartments to enough land to establish your business, Gaur Yamuna City is open to all the options, and you can select anything according to your comfort level.

  • Best resources and amenities

GYC Noida offers the residents the best amenities and facilities, which help them enjoy their stay and feel comfortable. Different housing societies are present in the township, so the residents feel a sense of belonging and enjoy community living.

Every residential or commercial property offers top-notch amenities and facilities, which help improve the residents' lifestyle and social status. Here are some amenities you will find in the Gaur Yamuna City township.

Security and CCTV

Sports Complex

Appropriate areas for outdoor sports like cricket, basketball, badminton, etc.

24X7 power supply, water supply, and firefighting system

Community halls for cultural events


Jogging tracks

Food court

Fitness centre for activities like Yoga, gym, and aerobics

Garden and recreational area

These are just a few of the amenities in the township. Gaur Yamuna City provides the best services for its residents.

  • Establishing a neighbourhood

Greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway are getting a developing touch from the UP government because of the upcoming infrastructure projects. With different projects on the way, the area is also developing so that more people show interest in the investment purpose.

Many companies have planned to open their offices and plants near the GYC and Yamuna Expressway. When these projects are finalized and functional, the demand for residential property will increase.

It is because of the increasing job opportunities which attract people from different cities. Therefore, they require accommodation; the closest one is in the township.

That's why it is said that investing in Gaur Yamuna City is a perfect choice for investors, as they can enjoy many benefits.

What are the investment opportunities present in the township?

Under the Gaur Yamuna City, you can find different investment opportunities, which help you get good returns with less capital investment.

Therefore, let's check out the residential and commercial properties which are present for investment purposes.

  • Gaur Krishn Vilas

It is a luxurious property that offers 3,4 and 5 BHK villas at the best price in the market. The property is famous for its unique design and infrastructure, which brings the residents close to Lord Krishna. The theme and design of the society show the life of Lord Krishna.

gaur yamuna city krishna villas

Therefore, the place is best for people who like to spend their time in a peaceful environment and for those who are lord Krishna devotees. You can enjoy all the amenities, and the best about the place is Club Vrindavan and Nidhivan, a meditation centre that keeps the mind calm and composed.

To know more about the Gaur Krishn Vilas in detail, visit here.

  • Gaurs Runway Suites

Are you looking to invest in affordable studio apartments? Gaur Runway Suites is the perfect option for the residential studio apartment with a contemporary lifestyle and modern architecture in Gaur Yamuna City. The ground level of the property is reserved for commercial areas, but the rest of the tower is filled with residential studio apartments.

gaurs runway suites

It has amenities like an infinity pool with a terrace landscape area, perfect for parties and other occasions. The planning of the apartment is done by the RSP from Singapore, and it is also close to different commercial areas.

To get more information related to the Gaurs Runway Suites, click here.

  • The Hub at Runway Suites

It is a part of Gaur Runway Suites as it is located at the ground level. It is a commercial property which gives the area for retail shops and shopping complexes. The property offers the best amenities and shopping experience to the investors.

the hub at gaurs runway suites

The commercial property is best for retail stores, fun zones, gaming arcades, mobile stores, and many more.

To know more about The Hub at Runway Suites, click here.

  • Gaur Aero Suites

The property offers a commercial studio apartment, which is suitable for establishing an office or storing the goods of a commercial store. It is set in the contemporary style, with retail shops in the ground, and the rest of the tower has commercial studio apartments.

gaur aero suites

The property is close to the Yamuna Expressway, so transferring goods and services to customers in different areas is easy. Attracts customers from other areas, and when the Noida International Airport is functional, the business will also grow.

Check out more information about the Gaur Aero Suites here.

  • Gaur Aerocity

It's a commercial plot where the investors can set up their business from scratch, like opening an arcade area for kids or a grocery shop to provide essential needs or establishing a commercial business-like shopping complex or retail shops.

gaur aerocity

The area is a perfect spot for setting up the business, with well-established connectivity and amenities that help make the business grow better.

Visit here to find out the details related to Gaur Aerocity.

More investment opportunities

Apart from these investment options, the township has commercial and residential plots. These plots are beneficial for investment purposes as you can set up your business or make your dream home accordingly.

You have enough space to build a home or villa and enjoy the township's amenities, which improves your living experience. Also, the prices of these plots are reasonable and the best in the market compared to other properties at prime locations.

Here are the properties/plots that you can find in the project:

  • Gaur Waterfront Plots

  • Gaur Lakeshore Villas

  • 7th Parkview Residential plots

  • Sports Villas

  • Aero Villas

  • 16th Parkview (best for 2,3 and 4 BHK apartments and independent floors)

  • Victorian Villas

  • 32nd Parkview Plots and Villas

Will you get any profitable return after investing in the township?

There is a high chance that the investors will face high returns after investing in Gaur Yamuna City, especially after the full development of the nearby infrastructure.

If you choose to invest in the current properties, you can enjoy high ROI, as the property's value will increase over time.


Gaur Yamuna City proves to be a beneficial investment option with so many properties to invest in at a reasonable price. You can check out more about the property in the particular property section, which helps you make the right decision.


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