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Now Get Your Lease Agreement Online in Noida
by Admin September 19, 2022

Now Get Your Lease Agreement Online in Noida

In a significant move guaranteeing 'simplicity of living for the owners and tenants in Uttar Pradesh and simultaneously expanding the state's income, the U.P. Government has set up an online interface for 'e-rent arrangements' in Gautam Buddha Nagar. It shall carry out the framework for giving rent deeds online in different state locales too.

The 'e-rent arrangements' assist occupants with getting into an agreement with the proprietor of the household or building straightforwardly in a safer, quicker way in an online environment.

The move would not just ease off inhabitants and landowners, who otherwise are subjected to long winding routes to seal off lease arrangements, but also neutralise dealer commission in such dealings.

With e-rent arrangements, the need to run around for physical documentation will be eliminated. Instead, the applicant will log himself on the portal supported by the Uttar Pradesh government, enter in relevant details - name and contact points– and that would set their online lease form up for processing. For Gautam Buddha Nagar, the lease deed will be available for download at after the applicant fills in the form and clears the stamp duty.

This framework will likely turn into a decent income for the state. Presently, around 1.5 lakh rent deeds per annum are closed in the Gautam Buddha Nagar district. For any rent deed where the month-to-month rent is over Rs 15,000, the public authority will get Rs 3,600 as a stamp obligation. That means the authorities can generate Rs 54 crore in income from GB Nagar alone through stamp obligation. (Source: ET )

The stamp duty regulations and processing currently require complex documentation that most applicants should be done away with. The new framework shall address this at the core, with the stamp obligation formalities executed online without having to jump hoops whatsoever.

Moreover, the proprietor and occupant get the chance to have a transparent arrangement in regards to the terms of occupancy. The applicant shall also be able to access the arrangement at will online without having to scurry around saving physical copies that wither away in time.

The documentation will furthermore guarantee inhabitants do not outstay after their understanding has lapsed. This is a welcome move in the wake of an unsavory incident recently reported in Noida where an elderly couple was held off from accessing their own home by an overstaying inhabitant.

For now, this service is pilot in Gautam Buddha Nagar jurisdiction. It shall be rolled out to different urban communities and areas soon, govt. officials claim. That means more good news shall follow shortly!

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