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Biggest Malls in India
by Admin August 31, 2023

Biggest Malls in India


In the early years of Independence, dams were called the "temples of modern India". It was believed that India, after shaking off the yoke of imperialism, would achieve its potential and regain its lost glory. The country started slowly but steadily in its quest for modernity. The first four decades saw modest economic growth. The story of India's economic progress began to change in the last decade of the twentieth century. 1991 was the year when India began liberalisation and put an end to Licence Raj, reviving the animal spirit of the market. The country's economic landscape changed dramatically in the aftermath of economic liberalisation. The economy expanded incrementally, and prosperity started percolating down to the lower rung of the society. The increase in the purchasing power of people translated into higher demands for goods and services, attracting businesses from around the world to invest in India. Gone were the days of tepid demand and snail-pace economic progress. The economic change also effected a behavioural change in consumers. Local shops and markets gave way to glitzy malls and supermarkets. The bare minimum was no longer enough. Comfort and luxury became the new buzzwords.

The Rise of Malls in India

In the post-economic liberalisation period, malls came to symbolise India's economic progress. They were the new temples of globalisation, catering to a new consumer class with a deep pocket. The malls became not just a shopping destination but also a status symbol. Shopping was now not limited to buying basic necessities. Rather, it became a statement of having arrived! The fast growing Indian economy created a vast middle-class with deep pockets. The new middle-class triggered demand for luxury goods and services, enabling the success of multiplexes, malls, and supermarkets in the country.

Biggest Malls in India

Kerala is called God’s own country. It is a state known for its bucolic countryside and vast coconut groves. The tranquil environment and rich history of Kerala are well known to people, but what is not well-known is that the state is also home to one of the most prominent malls in India, Lulu Mall. The mall boasts state-of-the-art architecture and offers an excellent environment for shopping.

It is located in Kochi and is spread over 6.9 hectares or seventeen acres. The mall has more than 300 outlets of various brands and has a retail space of 68,000 square metres. The presence of innumerable outlets and a huge retail space makes the mall one of the most visited malls.

Amenities Available in the Mall

The mall offers world-class amenities to its visitors. From high-speed escalators to round-the-clock security, the mall leaves nothing to chance. Different floors of the mall are connected with high-speed elevators and escalators, ensuring fast connectivity. The presence of security at every possible place – whether it is a parking area, atrium, or different floors – takes care of one and all. The mall has non-stop power backup and all other amenities that make the mall stand apart from other malls in Kerala.

One-Stop Shopping Centre

Lulu Mall is a one-stop shopping centre. It is home to more than 300 retail shops, restaurants, dining spaces, multiplexes and much more. Its location in the heart of Kochi and easy connectivity to different parts of the city make it one of the most visited malls in Kerala, attracting huge daily footfall.

Benefits of owning a business in Lulu Mall, Kochi, Kerala

Lula Mall witnesses 80,000 daily footfalls. Since its inception in 2013, more than 150 million people have visited the mall. The high footfall, excellent location, the availability of innumerable retail shops catering to diverse needs of customers, state-of-the-art facilities, easy connectivity, etc., ensure the mall's numero uno position. It is a mall thronged by many dailies. There are many benefits of owning a retail shop or other business enterprise in the mall. Firstly, the mall's location at the heart of the city ensures its excellent connectivity to near and far-off regions. Secondly, the excellent location of the mall translates into higher footfall, ensuring robust business opportunities. Thirdly, the amenities available in the mall are world-class, offering visitors a pleasant time in the mall. All these factors combine to position Lulu Mall in Kochi as one of the most favoured destinations for owning a business.


DLF is one of the most prestigious and easily recognisable real estate developers in India. It has a legacy of 75 years and is credited with delivering more than 31 million square metres.

In the second decade of the century, the company planned to open the biggest mall in India in Sector 18, Noida. The mall spread over 185806.08 square metres, opened in 2016, two years later than expected. The mall has succeeded in capturing the imagination of the country by introducing many new concepts for the first time. The unique concept of 'zoning' was adopted for the first time by DLF Mall of India. The division of mall space into different zones adds another layer of planning and makes the mall one of a kind.

The mall has five zones and is spread over six floors, well-connected with high-speed elevators and escalators. The lower ground floor is known as Market Place, while the ground floor and first floor are called International Boulevard. Different floors have different purposes.

DLF Mall of India is home to 350 brands. More than a hundred premium clothing brands are housed in the mall, ensuring the mall's popularity among a vast segment of consumers.

Sarath City Capital Mall

Sarath City Capital Mall is another famous mall in India. It is in Hyderabad, located in the technology corridor, Miyapur Road! The mall offers a wide range of retail shops and is home to luxury international brands.

The top-notch amenities available in the mall make it one of the most visited malls in the city. The mall has everything to qualify as a modern, international shopping centre. Whether it is multiplexes, food courts, recreational zones, retail shops, or any other shopping avenue, the mall is a one-stop centre for city residents.

Size of Sarath City Capital Mall

Sarath City Capital Mall is the biggest mall in Hyderabad. It is spread over more than 250,000 square metres and has a total of 179395.7702 square metres of retail space. The mall has more than 25 high-speed elevators connecting different floors. The mall provides a one-off shopping experience to visitors, thanks to over 60 high-speed escalators and a parking capacity for more than five thousand vehicles.

Z Square Mall

Kanpur is a small city, 2 hours drive from Lucknow, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The city is better known for its premier educational institute, IIT Kanpur, leather industry, and glorious past. Today, the city has taken a new turn and is fast emerging as one of the fastest-growing cities in Uttar Pradesh. Over the last few years, Kanpur has seen the development of recreational zones, shopping malls, and multiplexes. The new developments are coming up to cater to a growing affluent class who want the best deals.

Z Square Mall is one such Mall that offers shopping and entertainment in the same place. The Mall is one of the biggest malls in the city, spread over 20234.3 square metres. Z Square Mall is in the city's prime location and has 900,000 square feet of built-up area. The Mall is also home to more than 150 national and international brands, selling from luxury footwear to clothes to accessories.

Hellotravel, a well-known travel agency, has ranked the Mall as the seventh largest Mall in India. Zaz Tanners Group, a famous leather brand in Kanpur, is the proprietor of the Mall.

Where is Z Square Mall In Kanpur Located?

The Mall is in one of the poshest areas of Kanpur. The area has come to be known as The Mall Road because of the significance of Z Square Mall. The Mall is close to the Kanpur Railway station and upscale Naveen Market. The Mall's strategic location makes it one of the most visited shopping-cum-entertainment destinations.

Advantages of Owning a Retail Shop in Z Square Mall

Besides being the seventh largest mall in the country, Z Square Mall offers one of the most memorable shopping experiences. It is a huge mall, spread over 20234.3 square metres, and occupies the heart of Kanpur. The strategic location of the Mall ensures high footfall throughout the year. The Mall is 17 kilometres from Kanpur's airport and at a stone's throw distance from the railway station. The excellent connectivity of the Mall is a significant factor contributing to its preeminence and popularity. People from all over the city and even outside find it very easy to visit the Mall.

The biggest advantage of owning a retail shop in the Mall is access to a large pool of customers. The Mall's ambience, location, and reputation ensure brisk business. The Mall also boasts world-class amenities such as high-speed elevators and escalators, power backup, round-the-clock security, etc. The top-notch amenities play a pivotal role in ensuring the overall success of the Mall.

Advantages of owning a business in the mall

Sarath City Mall in Hyderabad, capital of Telangana, is the biggest mall in the city, attracting thousands of visitors daily. The mall’s strategic location and ability  to attract people from all over the city ensure success for business owners in the mall. The mall boasts world-class amenities like high-speed elevators, escalators, power-backup, water-harvesting, round-the-clock security, etc.

The availability of first-class amenities, the best possible location in the city, high footfall, and the presence of national and international brands combine to make the mall the most prized destination for owning a business.

You might be wondering if you can have an opportunity to own a business in such malls. If it is possible, how do you go about the task? Don't worry. We are here to guide you at every step of your business quest.

Owning a business at the right place at the right time is all about a proper plan and strategy. Before owning a shop, you must find out what your objectives are. Once you know the objective of your business, you can develop a foolproof strategy to implement your plans.

There are many excellent malls – as great as the one described above – that offer a handsome return on investments. These malls are located strategically, attracting visitors not only from nearby regions but also far and wide. Let's take a close look at some of these malls offering a one-off chance for investments:

NX-One Mall, Noida West: NX One Mall is the biggest Mall in Noida, West. It is spread over 9.6 acres and is home to renowned brands such as Bikanervala, The Smoke Factory, BBQ, et al. The biggest advantage of NX-One Mall is that the organic footfall is in excess of thirty thousand, making it one of the most visited malls in Noida West. Owning a business in NX-One Mall is guaranteed to bring higher returns on investments, helping you secure your future and maximising your profit without much risk.

The Mall of Noida is another mall in Noida that is full of potential. It is home to scores of retail shops catering to different segments of consumers. The mall is built with state-of-the-art technology, making it stand out from its competitors. The use of cutting-edge technology in making the mall has earned it a reputation for being one of the top malls in Noida. A high number of people visiting the mall daily and the mall's reputation are enough to make any business a roaring success here. It is time for you to refashion your business strategy and make the best choice of investments.


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