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Finding a Rental Apartment: Pro Tips To Skip the Long Queue
by Admin March 18, 2024

Finding a Rental Apartment: Pro Tips To Skip the Long Queue

Finding the perfect apartment in a bustling rental market is like navigating a maze.

The end result?

Often circling back to square one!

Only if one knows the tricks of renting a house or apartment can they be rest assured of finding the right property on the best terms.

This guide will help you ace your home hunt and crack the best deal without breaking a sweat.

SWEET! Let's begin.

  • Have Time in Hand

Searching for the perfect flat or apartment for rent is possible but also time-consuming. Therefore, kicking off your apartment search with ample time in hand is the key. It unlocks the flexibility to refine priorities and adjust expectations.

This ensures you find the perfect fit without being overwhelmed or compromising for less. A hidden trick to navigating properties is being super active in the first two weeks of the month since they offer wider selection options.

Why so?

You probably won't be vacating your flat in the middle of the month, right?

Avoid the month-end rush, which can lead to fierce competition for limited available units.

  • Consider Budgeting and Market Research

Being realistic about the maximum rent you can afford is wise. Fierce competition could stretch budgets, but overshooting may leave financial strains down the line.

Here's a more innovative way!

Streamline your budget by understanding the market's fundamentals and the reasons behind inflated prices. Understanding rent prices in the area where you want your next home will help set the right expectations.

  • Leveraging on Technology

Gone are the days of slogging in the rain!

It's time to let tools and technologies like Google Trends, Google News, and rent calculators do the job. These technologies understand your requirements and show you relatable options according to your preferences.

Explore smart home experiences and virtual reality. Take 3D tours of listed apartments and make in-person visits to only those properties that actually meet your needs.

  • Tap Into Your Network

Never underestimate the power of personal and professional connections!

Let your friends, family, and peers know you are looking for rental options. Who knows, one might have insider information on an upcoming vacancy or help you connect to a landlord seeking reliable tenants.

After all, what you seek often seeks you!

Utilise social media and community groups to expand your reach, and you may uncover hidden gems even before they hit the market.

  • Expand your Search Radius & Negotiate

In ideal scenarios, properties near airports, major expressways, highways, or city hotspots are often in high demand.

If your preferred neighbourhood seems too pricey, overcrowded, or competitive, widen your radius and include nearby areas. You might find a better deal and less competition while enjoying the perks of the region.

This is a crucial aspect of searching for the perfect home because the more you know the market, the more information you gain.

And information is a negotiator's greatest weapon.

In a competitive rental market, negotiation is the key. It is not only to bargain the rent but also the lease term. Consider signing a long-term lease, keep flexible move-in dates, and don't hesitate to inquire about rent concession and other perks.

A pro tip: Similar to hidden Stamp Duty and Registration Fee that one pays while buying a property, keep an eye on the hidden charges like maintenance fees, security deposits, etc.

Explore locally & be Prepared:

It's okay to stroll through the neighbourhood where you'd like to live. Keep an eye on the "For rent" or "To-let" boards in local establishments since small building owners and boomer owners might not be tech-savvy.

Who knows, a Sunday sightseeing might be worth it!

By the way, are you aware of the metaphorical similarities between real estate and coffee? Consider pondering over it here: Three Surprising Similarities Between Coffee & Real Estate.

However, it's important that you stand out from the crowd and be proactive and prepared. Consider keeping a few last-minute options handy; gather the documentation required for a smooth transition and know the packer and movers charges beforehand. Last-minute enquiries may lead to increased expenditure.

Knowing your rights:

  • As a tenant renting a property, there are several laws a tenant must be aware of. This is important to safeguard yourself from any exploitation or demand made by the landlord.

  • Read the terms and conditions written on the rent agreement carefully before signing. Anything not mentioned in the agreement cannot be enforced on either party.

  • Arbitrary rent hikes are regulated through the "Rent Control Act 1948", which protects tenants from being exploited through unreasonable rent hikes.

  • It also safeguards tenants from improper eviction notices by landlords without sufficient reason or cause.

  • Check if the property you are renting is RERA-approved so it might not end wired up in legal issues.

The Bottom Line:

Renting an apartment or buying one is a complicated process and often time-consuming! However, knowing the cheat code of best practices can save time and energy. Nevertheless, if you are still deciding if you would like to rent an apartment or simply buy one, why not get in touch with us? Our experts will guide you through the best decision.


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